Executing Digital Transformation: How to Pick the Right Partner for Success


Digitally empowered customers are redefining industries, and companies that focus on customer experiences will win more market share. Offering end-to-end digital services to provide rich and consistent customer experiences across all channels is now the baseline expectation by customers.

The immediacy of this challenge is driving business and technology leaders to push for rapid digital transformation, including leveraging mobile devices, the Internet and integrating technology-enabled systems and processes. This digital transformation is fundamentally redefining how firms engage with their customers and how those firms operate.

Download “Executing Digital Transformation: The Emergence of a New Breed of Digital Integrator” for insights into Important questions surrounding the topic of Digital Integration such as:In January 2015, LiquidHub commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the hypothesis - companies looking to improve their digital customer engagement need a partner that can help execute a digital transformation.

Forrester conducted an online survey of 150 enterprise organizations in the US that were engaged in some level of digital delivery and transformation with at least one outside partner.

Download the full report to uncover Forrester’s key findings.